Step Converter

  • you manufacture hydraulic manifolds 
  • you can design with your tools but most of your production comes from different CAD system
  • you would like to quickly quote your block
  • sometimes your block has errors and you recognize too late, wasting time and money
  • you would like to suggest modifications to your customers but a more precise way should be preferred
  • sometimes you need to check a manifold designed by another company with a different CAD system

MDTools is state of the art technology for manifold design!

With MDTools you can save more than 50% of the time usually taken for design, cutting down hidden costs like design errors (thanks to efficient wall thickness check, circuit check, connection quality, block manufacturability and much more)

With STEP2MDTools converter you can read a STEP 3d model of a block, virtually coming from all 3d CAD systems, and convert into MDTools mbxml file.
Now it’s like you had designed the manifold block:

  • you can use quotation system to quickly quote the block,
  • you can check wall thickness and wrong connections
  • you can quickly modify the block and have a better interaction with your customer
  • you can extract net list from the block, in order to verify your hydraulic circuit
  • you can interact with your CAM software

If you use MDTools, VEST can offer you a solution suite for quick and efficient reply to your customer needs.