Assembly rules for Surface Mounted components

A Surface Mounted component is an item that will be assembled to a manifold face through Bolt Holes. Examples are: NG6- NG10… valves, Slip-In covers, Flanges, all surface mounted valves.
Matings for a Surface Mounted valve differ from those of a cartridge since MDTools must properly rotate the component to match the Footprint direction.

4 matings are required by MDTools Set Assembly constraint command:

  1. bottom face = plane where the component will touch the manifold face
  2. Top face = plane where another component will be assembled on top (i.e. stackable valves)
  3. Axis 1 and 2 = axis to define orientation
    MDTools rules for axis definition are:
    a) if only Bolt Holes are present in the cavity: Axis 1 = BH1, Axis 2 = BH2
    b) if only one Locating Pin is present: Axis 1 = LP, Axis 2 = BH1
    c) if 2 locating Pins are present: Axis 1 = LP1, Axis 2 = BH2
Following images shows a, b and c cases:
Axis rule definition with BH1 and BH2
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Axis rule definition with LP and BH1
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Axis rule definition with LP1 and LP2
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Bottom face and top face rules must follow what is described by this image:

Video showing how to set assembly constraints in MDTools 900 series for SolidWorks. 

Step files for the 3d models used in the video.

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