HyDraw CAD search from FluidPowerTools.com

Below you find a quick guide for FluidPowerTools.com search in HyDraw CAD.

Since FPT.com is a very large database, you may find convenient the possibility to exclude not needed manufacturers from your search. To do so:

  • Go to Services Menu
  • Click on Data Access Settings
  • Select / Unselect what you need to
Open Manufacturer List
Click Here
Select / Unselect what you need to
Click Here
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Usually this is a “one time” setting, if you need more Manufacturers simply follow again same steps.

Assuming we have defined a set of preferred manufacturers, let us understand how to search within the library. To switch to “Component Search” dialog in HyDraw Library Explorer click on the small Arrow icon you find on top right of Library Explorer

Search all components available for a Manufacturer

From HyDraw Library Explorer\Component Search

  • make sure you have FluidPowerTools.com selected.
  • Select your desired Manufacturer (i.e. Delta-Power in this case)
  • Click on Search

At the end of the search, you will see a list of available model families and symbols. Insert symbol with double click on the image.

Note: Output search will always be limited to 200 components. 

Search a specific Model Code - Model Family

To search for specific Model Codes or Families:

  1. type Model Code string (i.e. EG-S4)
    Note: % is the wildcard. If you search for 4WE%J it means HYDraw CAD will look for all items starting for 4WE and having a J in between
  2. Click Search
  3. if your search is valid, you will see list of model families or model codes and their symbols.

Search by Component Type

If you are not familiar with model codes, you can do a search by Component Type across single or multiple manufacturers.

  1.  Select component type from Component Type List
  2. Filter Manufacturer if needed
  3. Click Search

Output search will be list of model families and symbols. It’s possible to filter by Manufacturer after search is performed