Custom Building Blocks

In order to enhance HyDraw CAD building symbol capabilities, you can download our Custom Building Blocks Library.

Supported HyDraw CAD Version:  HyDraw CAD 2020
03/02/2020 – Custom Building Blocks for HyDraw CAD2020, V1.0
23/03/2020 – Custom Building Blocks for HyDraw CAD2020, V1.1
26/06/2020 – Custom Building Blocks for HyDraw CAD2002, V1.3

To setup for the 1st time your HyDraw CAD Custom Building Blocks library.

  1. Close HyDraw CAD and Open HyDraw Library Manager 2020 and verify your library path from HLM 2020 Options
  2. Go to “Components\Symbols View” and click on Manage Symbol Library Icon
  3. Create a new library called “Custom Building Blocks” and click on Add New and click Close
  4. Unzip the Custom Building Blocks Library zip file, inside it you will find a folder called Custom Building Blocks with several files and subfolders inside
  5. Copy the entire folder called Custom Building Blocks
    and paste it at the path you find at step 1
    (in my example it’s C:\Vest\HyDraw Library 2019\Symbol Library)
    click YES to replace all files already existing at the location
  6. Open HyDraw CAD2020 and make sure you are looking at the correct library, otherwise change library path to match Step1.
  7. From HyDraw Library Explorer now you should find a library called Custom Building Blocks in your libraries, it means the setup was correct